SEO! We all need the ability to add Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions for specific pages, forums, and topics


Everyone using should be voting for this --if you want your forums and topics to get better search rankings.

To vastly improve search engine ranking, everyone using Hoop could really use a field to add Google-friendly page-specific "meta tags" (both Title and Description) when creating a Forum and topic.

Currently, Hoopla only allows the insertion of a SINGLE meta title and meta description for the entire site, but not for specific forums or topics.  SEO experience and experts agree that specific tags for specific pages are the way to go. (Not even a debate.)

Meta Tags still count A LOT with Google. I can see our site's single general Meta Title and Description getting picked up in search results. But these titles and descriptions are generic for the whole site, and thus, don't match what's on specific pages (which isn't good SEO).  We need to be able to create tags for specific forums and topics to help indexing bots and improve search ranking.

Wordpress and its plugins have gotten SO good at meta-tagging that their sites are dominating search results. Giving us "meta abilities" would allow us to fight back.

Where to put the field?
The Forum Config/Update page has a "FORUM ID" line for seo-ing the URL. Should also have a field to add a meta title and description to improve the SEO. The Create Topic page also already has a POST ID line for seo-ing the URL. Could use a meta tag field there too.



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Hello Neil,

We do not have any current plans for adding support for meta fields to our standard SEO features, but it is a great idea. We will consider adding that support for a future release, so thank you for the prod.



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