Add a "Registration Required" Option for Viewing Individual Topics


Add a "Registration Required" Option for Viewing Individual Topics

  • There's guest/public content anyone can access.
  • And then there's "Premium" content paying members can access.
  • And we can set an entire forum to require registration to access.

But it would be really great to have a "registration required" option we can click for certain topics in an open Forum --EXACTLY like the option we now have to select certain topics for premium only.

In a picture, here's what's needed:


(fyi: 'for SM only' is our wordlet for premium-only)

Why add this option?  Because getting free registered members is a stepping stone to getting them to become premium member$, and it gives us their email address.  Certain topics can encourage that activity.

Yes, we can make an entire FORUM of topics "registration required," but that means people can't see any of the content until they register. The solution, is to allow some topics in the forum to be available to "everyone" (a teaser), and some topics to require registration.

On a related note:  When someone is invited to "register" (for free), that registration page should ALSO include a very encouraging option to become a Premium Member right then and there. I would think Hoop would want to hardcode $uch an option as the default. 


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So it seems that the two people who reporting seeing this "black" screen, did indeed eventually see the registration window as well and act on it.

Later, when one of them clicked a link in an email copy of a post, they reported the dimming and NewsFlash still appearing when the site opened.  

I'm wondering if their device/browser ignored the newsflash's cookie and showed them the newsflash again. Or they had a case of multiple windows opened and not refreshed. 

I'd mark this as "solved" unless you've had other people report a similar problem.

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