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Hi Neil,

In the control panel, under Member Settings you'll see

enable community ranks

That's for turning on or off the display. Then, in the recipes you'll set up your actual ranks where say 50 posts/posts or less  is "newby" and 100 would display "member" and 5000 would be "high speed commentator"   or whatever. 

I'll have a look at the KB entries, thank you for pointing that out.

Thanks Dave. I remember it being somewhere else as well. 

Next question: If I make a new recipe to send a thank you email for someone achieving 50+ points, will everyone who has ALREADY surpassed 50 points automatically receive that email too? (I don't want them to.) I just want to add this activity level ex-post-facto.

The email is sent when someone triggers the recipe after it is created. Creating the recipe will not cause to march through the database and email everyone above x post or points (whichever way you set it) retroactively.

Please do check those two links, they are more through than my answer was.

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