Do you have a product roadmap we can see?

We do not make our product roadmap publicly available, mainly because priorities can change over time and we do not want to over-promise.  Rest assured though that the platform (with its modules) is in very active development.

 We try to have at least one major release each month.

In general, we do not announce new features or product changes until we roll them out to customers.  If you suggest a new feature on our support site, we always post to your suggestion when we make it available (though not every suggestion will be implemented).

Please note that if you have a change/suggestion that is critical to your site, there are a couple of ways to have the change made on your schedule (instead of ours):

1) Feature Expedite Request

 With this option, you can pay us to move a feature up on our priority list.  This options is reserved exclusively for features that Social Strata already has in its development queue (a feature it plans to develop at some point in the future).  We can provide a quote for you, depending on your requested time frame... but also contingent on whether we actually plan to add it as a standard feature/change for the platform.

We would not be charging you for our actual time to make the change. Instead, you would be paying us a one-time fee to bump other planned development work to focus on the expedited feature you want.

Note: Social Strata reserves the right to remove or alter any feature in the future, include features added via feature expedite. If you paid for a feature expedite, however, and it is removed within one year of availability, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount you paid for that feature.

2) Application Customization

If your requested changes are not determined by Social Strata to be suitable as standard platform features or are not currently in our development queue at all, then you would need to pay to have us create custom application changes that are only available for your site.  You must be on an Enterprise plan to support customizations.  Just tell us what you require and we can tell you how feasible it is and how much it will cost. (Note that customizations carry both a one-time development fee and a monthly maintenance fee, so that we can ensure that your customizations continue to work in the future (as the underlying platform changes over time).