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Re: Impersonate a Member

Ted O'Neill ·
Hi ST- As a matter of fact, we do have plans to support that as part of a larger overall release in the future (though it is not something scheduled for the near term). Without going into too many details, the release includes the following core components: -- Allowing admins to sign in as any user on the site -- Supporting an Admin Event Log, which lists all admin actions performed on the site, as well as some other critical actions, like whenever content is deleted or edited. -- Support...

Impersonate a Member

ST ·
It would be great if a Super Admin could temporarily impersonate a member. This would allow a Super Admin to inhabit the member's experience and to change settings if necessary. I understand that a member could later go in and change their settings, and that would be fine. I understand that there could be privacy issues. I don't think that the exposure is greater than is already possible if a Super Admin changes a member's password to access the account. Is this on the development timeline?