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Re: Hoop.la API - user management

Ted O'Neill ·
Hi Rajesh- None of the three points you mentioned are currently supported in the API. We can potentially support all three though via Feature Expedite, assuming we understand your requirements. We can support the following for a feature expedite fee of $1,000: Ban Users (your #1) Delete Users (the first part of your #2)-- but this does not include support for deleting all content by the users Suspend all email notifications (your #3). This would essentially check the "Suspend all email...
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REST API Integration

Brian Lenz ·
Hoop.la, UBB Forum, and QuestionShark have always had an API available to support custom integrations, but we've recently just released a completely revamped version of the API with comprehensive, public documentation.   Hoop.la's API conforms to...
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How to Adjust for Twitter API Changes

Rosemary O'Neill ·
Twitter has been taking steps recently to get more control over how its content is delivered via third party applications and websites. In this announcement, Twitter announced that starting March 5, it will begin the process of stopping the...

Hoop.la API - user management

Rajesh Maurya ·
Hi, We have some query related to user management/administration using the API feature. 1. Is there a provision to block/ deactivate users in hoopla with hoopla API ? 2. Is deleting user possible with hoopla API ?. Deleting user from API will delete blogs, comments, support questions raised by the respective user ? 3. Can we disable all user notifications with hoopla API ? Regards, Rajesh