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Hi Dave, How can we get access to phpMyAdmin? I see it installed but it may require different credentials? We would like to take a look...

Reply by Kellyne

Hi Dave, Thank you for the quote. We are currently reviewing our options - I'll check back with you once we've made a decision. Thanks ...

Reply by Kellyne

Hi Dave! Thanks for your reply. Can you please provide me with a quote to generate a CSV file with name, company, email for our member...

Reply by Kellyne

Hi Ted, Does the deleted member have to be the one who started the topic? Is there anyway to tie his replies to his new account? I don't...

Deleted Member

Hello,   I have a member who's profile was deleted, but he has recently joined again. Is there any way to reattach his profile information (posts, etc.) to his newly created one?  He signed up using the same information.   Thanks. Kellyne

Export Member List

Hi,   I'd like to know our options for exporting the master member list from our community. We would just need a list (excel) of the member e-mail addresses.   Thanks, Kellyne

Reply by Kellyne

This is a feature that we are looking to have added as well. Since the information already exists in a database, the option to search...

CSS for Image Size

Hello,   I'm having an issue when plugging CSS into the Custom HTML section of my forum's Display Settings. It doesn't appear to be reading the CSS that I put in for my images.  Are there any limitations to the HEAD Tag? We are mainly...

Create a post w/out sending an alert

Is there a way to create a post to a new board without an e-mail alert going out to the members?   I would like to create a new board and post a welcome message, but do not want an alert going to the members notifying them of the post.  ...


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