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Thanks for this, Brian. I've sent Laura the info. Have a great weekend. Cheers, Jane

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Hi, Brian: Here's what Laura Boyd told me about her Paper.li site: The problem is with stories from main section of ACEs Connection.


Hi -- One of our members has a Paper.li site and wants to post some of our blogs from ACEsConnection into it, but she says ACEsConnection won't let her do that. Here's the link -- http://paper.li/lboyd544/1421604208 Can you advise? Thanks! Cheers, Jane

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Is it possible to generate a list of all members who live in a particular state or zip code?    E.g., one of our groups wants to invite all the people on ACEsConnection who live in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area.  A state group wants to invite all the members on ACEsConnection who live in that state.   I suppose we could export all member data, then sort by zip code or state, but it would be easier to do this within the site, especially if we could then send the...

Our wish-list of improvements

Here's our wish-list for 2015: Cross-post blog posts across the site by selecting group or main section from a check list, instead of having to copy and paste. Cross-post events into calendars on several groups by selecting group from a check list....

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