Community Management

How to make self disclosure easier for community members

In face-to-face networking situations, it's easy to get stuck with "that person" who won't stop oversharing about themselves. By the time you've grabbed two appetizers from the buffet, you're familiar with their entire medical history and the current political climate in their office. But in online networking situations, or online communities, it can be extremely difficult to elicit personal information from members. The community administrator or moderator team is (of course) interested in...

Show the Value of Online Community with this Research Roundup

A successful online community is more than a buzzword, more than just technology, more than just a group of people "engaging," it is purpose-driven. If the community is owned or sponsored by a business, then someone is going to need to know what the purpose is. What's the value to the business? Fortunately, this is a question that researchers have been studying for years, and I've been collecting those studies and reports like a nerd. This slide deck is an early Valentine's Day gift, a...

Community engagement starts with a good pair of sneakers

Engagement is the Holy Grail of most community managers. And we expect to see at least a dotted line between our day-to-day activities and the engagement trend line. If engagement is flagging, first we round up the usual suspects. Is it the technology? Is it the personal preferences of our members? Did I say something wrong? Sometimes it's hard to diagnose why a particular community isn't thriving. And sometimes the roots of the problem go all the way back to before the community was...

Online community is the Swiss Army knife of customer satisfaction and retention

In a recent study from Leader Networks and CMX Media, customer satisfaction and retention were cited as the most important drivers of community. (For more about the report, see “ Keys to Community Readiness and Growth ”.) That’s a big shift from the oft-cited “reduce support costs” driver (which is still up there, at number three). So how do you structure your online community so that you maximize the opportunities to satisfy customers and keep them coming back? Listen to your customers It’s...

10 Point Community Tune-Up Checklist

It's the beginning of a new year, and whether your community is just getting started or has been around for years, it's always good to go into the shop for a tune-up once in a while. Here's a handy checklist you can use to make sure your online community continues to hum along throughout 2016 and beyond. 10 Point Community Tune-Up Checklist Terms of Service, legal - Have there been any changes in the last year that affect your TOS or legal position? New regulations? New lines of business?

Essential Podcasts for Community Managers

It's a new year, and that can only mean one thing. We have all tossed the clothes off the handles of our treadmills and are looking for good stuff to listen to while we meet those fitness goals. You're in luck, because I've found some podcasts that are specifically created for community managers. The Community Signal podcast is fairly new, but its host, Patrick O'Keefe, is an "OG" community manager. The podcast is nicely produced, and Patrick has access to great guests from around...