Q&A with Colin Armstrong, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Today I'm so happy to share a great Q&A session with Colin Armstrong, who spearheaded the recent launch of a Hoop.la community for Walgreens Boots Alliance. The new YourGoodSkin(TM) brand leverages an innovative approach, deeply involving thousands of women in the creation and development of the skin care line itself. How does online community figure into the YourGoodSkin brand story? The whole brand ethos of YourGoodSkin is that it has been, and will continue to be, co-created by women.

Quick Tip: Use a Recipe to Monitor Member Profile Changes

Today's tip will help you set up an automated sentry on member profile changes, using Hoop.la's Recipes function. The default template for this recipe will alert you whenever any part of a member's profile is changed. However, using this tip, you can focus on a specific profile field. Here are just some of the reasons this might be useful: Screen out weird/bad avatars - you know that guy who wants to use a dancing panda gif? Watch for job title changes or location changes - set up a custom...

The Credit Card Security Release

Over the past few months, we have focused on improving the overall security offerings within Hoop.la. Hoop.la is already a highly secure platform, but we wanted to offer an even higher level of assurance and compliance for the ultra-security conscious customer. This has included a new Premium Security add-on that offers many new, advanced security features such as total data encryption of all data at-rest, anti-virus/anti-malware, DoS/DDoS mitigation, IP Reputation Management, Intrusion...

Quick TIp: How to Add Graphic Badges to Member Profiles

Your community members are pretty awesome. Have you ever wanted to give them a visual reward for being so awesome? Hoop.la supports admin-editable profile fields, so you can create a Badge profile field and add flair to any member's profile instantly. (Those admin-editable fields can be used for private information too, like internal customer IDs or other "flags" you might want to put on your members.) First, create your beautiful badge graphic. Next, go to your control panel and click...

Facebook Profile Feeds Disabled in Hoop.la

As part of the recent Sets and Collections Release , Hoop.la no longer supports Facebook feed integration on member profile pages. The purpose of the feed integration on member profile pages is to provide a unified snapshot of a particular member's social activity across both Hoop.la and other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It makes it easy to see, at a glance, a particular member's recent photos on Instagram, tweets on Twitter, etc. Over the years, Facebook has...

The Sets and Collections Release

We've rolled out an update for Hoop.la that focuses on some enhancements for media uploads and sets/collections in Hoop.la. Here are the major changes: New 'Post Clips' and 'Upload Attachments' Permissions Previously, you could use permissions to control the types of media files that a user could upload to your site (photos, videos, etc.), but admins had no way to control clips in general or attachments in general. Now you can, with the new permissions for "Post Clips" and "Upload...