Facebook Profile Feeds Disabled in Hoop.la

As part of the recent Sets and Collections Release , Hoop.la no longer supports Facebook feed integration on member profile pages. The purpose of the feed integration on member profile pages is to provide a unified snapshot of a particular member's social activity across both Hoop.la and other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It makes it easy to see, at a glance, a particular member's recent photos on Instagram, tweets on Twitter, etc. Over the years, Facebook has...

The Sets and Collections Release

We've rolled out an update for Hoop.la that focuses on some enhancements for media uploads and sets/collections in Hoop.la. Here are the major changes: New 'Post Clips' and 'Upload Attachments' Permissions Previously, you could use permissions to control the types of media files that a user could upload to your site (photos, videos, etc.), but admins had no way to control clips in general or attachments in general. Now you can, with the new permissions for "Post Clips" and "Upload...

Quick Tip: Fun with Twitter Feed Widgets

In Ghostbusters, they always say "don't cross the streams," but this Hoop.la tip will help you do that (without getting slimed). Twitter offers a simple way to get embed code. And you can use this embed code in a Hoop.la custom widget to present dynamic Twitter content within your community. You can do lots of fun things with this tool. For example, you can use Twitter lists to present combined feeds, you can pull in a hashtag stream, or you can display your Twitter badge (with a "follow me"...

Introducing Databases For Hoop.la

We're excited to announce the debut of a brand new content module for Hoop.la - Databases! With Databases, you can store and display structured data on your site. When you create a database, you determine the specific fields to associate for each database record. Imagine the possibilities- a database of movies, sports transactions, products, business leads. It's a great way to store and catalog information. You can create any number of distinct databases and each has its own permissions and...

Pinterest Integration Release

This week, we are rolling out a Hoop.la update that adds the following new features: 1. Integration with Pinterest . Pinterest is a new supported Social Network that you can enable for social sign-ins, as well as to allow users to display their own Pinterest pins on their member profiles. 2. Admin-Only Custom Profile Fields Administrators can set private profile fields that only they can set and access via a new "Hidden" option. The members themselves would not see these admin-only fields.