The Ultimate Road Test for my iPad


Anyone who's been following my Twitter account (@rhogroupee) knows that I just returned from a massive, mind-blowing, month-long trip across country with Ted and the kids.  We saw so much of this beautiful country, experienced lots of new things, and took bajillions of pictures (for details, visit and become my buddy).  Yes, that's a shameless ploy to accumulate more buddies than Ted.

But here's the thing.  I decided to take only my iPad (which is WiFi-only, not 3G, because I already have 3G on my iPhone).  I consider this the acid test of the iPad's ability to pseudo-replace my laptop in a travel situation.  The final score----it did just fine.  I was able to keep up with email, play games, let the kids play games, watch shows, etc., to my heart's content.  There were a couple of minor things I missed, however:

  • I would have liked to upload all of my pictures from my iPhone to my iPad, to share on my blog.
  • I use 1password to manage my stuff on my laptop, and forgot to add it to my iPad before we left, so there were some things I couldn't reach (not really iPad's fault, but something to think about if you're using it).
All in all, I think I made the right choice to leave the laptop at home.  We did have WiFi at all of our hotels along the way (some more wonky than others), so that wasn't an issue. 

And regarding my iPhone, I did discover that there are vast patches where AT&T 3G goes dark, mostly in lower-population areas of Utah, Texas, and South Dakota.  Not really a problem, since I was too busy gawking at the scenery, but I do start to get the jitters when I'm "off-the-grid" for too long.

I'm glad to be back, and I'm ready to roll.  Look for more useful and fun stuff here in this blog and all over LiveCloud in the coming months.  Vacation does a body good.


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Thanks everyone!

April, I like your idea of the tan-progression series...we definitely do not look like we belong in Seattle now.  I'm sad to announce that the tops of my feet have peeled now, and just look scaly instead of tan.

The cloud never formed a true tornado, but we heard later that two semis were blown off the road that afternoon, and there were funnel clouds in the area.  We got really lucky.

Incidentally, in case I haven't mentioned it before, the BEST blog about iPads is (they did a great roundup of travel iPad apps here:
Good to know that one can do without one's laptop.  I think I'd still have a hard time--it's a security blanket!!

Thanks for the reminder about the 1Password--I'll have to get that on my iPad.
Thanks for sharing your round-the-country trip.  It was so much fun to get new photos of the kids.  Though I do think a color timeline to see their tan progression over the last month would be awesome.  I'm quite fond of the red disney days.

Glad you've all made it back safely!