The SEO Ninja Release

We've just rolled out our "SEO Ninja" software update for and UBB Forum.  This update is focused primarily on making all pages served by your site much more SEO-friendly.  This will help drive more traffic to your site.


1.  All Content URLs Automatically Optimized


Whenever new content is created, no matter what type, the URLs for the content will reflect the title of the content.  You, as admin, can customize these URLs if you want, but the point is that every content URL is now optimized for you, so you never have to lift a finger.


2.  Most URL Paths Simplified and Improved


We've streamlined many of the standard path URLs the system uses.  This leads to much simpler URLs and improves SEO by making it easier for search engines to properly classify your pages.  In addition, things like forum categories are now also SEO friendly because we display the category name, rather than an ID number, in the URL.


3.  HTML Page Titles Improved


We've changed the way we format HTML titles for pages.  Now, we display the name of the page first, followed by your web site name.


4.  All Old Content URLs Will Automatically Direct To New URLs


Don't worry about these new URL formats.  Anyone who bookmarked an old URL will still be directed automatically to the new URL.  


In addition to these SEO-related improvements, we also added the following:


5.  New Member Preference Controlling Default Follow Settings For Content


We've added new settings to the "Your Personal Settings" page that allows your members to control the default behavior of the "Follow" checkbox when they create new content or reply/comment on content. Previously, this checkbox was ALWAYS checked by default, but now each member of your site can control the default behavior, as shown below.


Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 7.19.23 PM


6. Product News Twitter Feed Back In the Control Panel


In a previous update, we had to remove our product news twitter feed from the control panel "Summary" page.  That was done because Twitter had changed its API and because its widget system would not support this.


Twitter has subsequently changed things, however, so now we are able to display our product news Twitter feed on that page again.


In addition to these changes, there were numerous other minor bug fixes and tweaks. 


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