New Signature Features

Last night we rolled out a minor software update that added the following new features for and


1.  New Admin Permission: View Signatures


This only impacts site admins.  You can control who can read signatures on posts using the new "View Signatures" permission.  By default, this permission will be granted to the "World", meaning it is considered public content.


However, some sites may want to limit access to user signatures to registered members only... and now you can do that by reserving the permission for the "All Members" group instead.


2.  New Posting Option: Include Signature


For both and, anyone who posts will now see a checkbox to "Include Signature".  This gives users granular control over whether to include signatures each time they post.


3.  New Member Preference: Default Signature State


We've added a new user preference that allows each member to determine the default state of the checkbox referenced in #2 above.  Thus, if you know you rarely want to include your signature, you'd want to uncheck the new preference to "Include signature by default on new posts".  You can find this new preference in at Manage > Your Personal Settings.  For, go to: Manage > Settings.

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Hi ST,

If you want to support signatures on comments and replies, you'll need to disable the following option in your site's Display Settings:

Limit display of signature to primary posts only (not comments/replies)

Hope that helps!