25 cool things schools can do with a Hoop.la community

School and classrooms are already communities. Hoop.la provides a private online environment where those communities can grow and thrive.


Here are just some of the cool things a school could do with a Hoop.la community.


  1. Make a downloadable, exportable school calendar
  2. Facilitate room parent behind-the-scenes coordination
  3. Post homework assignments
  4. Share field trip and party photos
  5. Share videos of school performances and plays
  6. Display children’s artwork
  7. Provide homework assistance
  8. Schedule parent-teacher conferences
  9. Introduce teacher blogs
  10. Disseminate school health information, resource articles
  11. List links to school district forms and information
  12. Support fundraising efforts
  13. Post the school lunch menu
  14. Share reading lists
  15.  Hold live chat events with local speakers or the principal
  16.  Provide instant communication of weather closures or other special situations
  17.  Spotlight volunteers
  18.  Share sports team schedules and rosters
  19.  Build true community among parents, teachers, students, and administration
  20.  Extend school communications in mobile-friendly format
  21.  Offer a private faculty lounge forum online
  22.  Do polls
  23.  Provide a private space for teacher/parent communications via dialogs
  24.  Create a central hub for other social feeds (bring in Tweets, etc.)
  25.  Offer an online compliment to in-classroom activities

Does your school have an online community?

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