New Premium Membership Features

Today, we have rolled out a major new release that focuses on premium memberships, but also includes support for a Profile Wall and Member Blocking.  


The following new enhancements were made to make premium memberships more powerful and worthwhile for you as a site owner:


1. Your revenue share was increased from 70% to 75%


2. New permissions were added to give you more premium feature options.  


We added permissions for: Search, Mark All Forums As Read, Create New Dialogs, Bypass Edit Grace Period, Access Member Directory, Post To Comment Walls, Block Members.  


Obviously, these permissions do not have to be reserved for premium memberships, but they definitely increase your premium arsenal.


3. New Premium Membership Widget


We've added a new standard widget that you can use to easily promote your premium membership on your site.


4. Support for HTML in your premium membership descriptions.


5. Support for a new, automated promotion option.


If enabled, your non premium members will receive a promotional advertisement for your premium plan.  You control the frequency of this promo.  In no cases, however, will a user ever see it more than once per session.  This option is not included in your Premium Membership settings page in your control panel (Manage > Premium Memberships > Settings).


Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 10.42.49 AM



6. We now support a lifetime subscription option (minimum fee of $25).


7. We have added an (optional) default premium membership plan to make it even easier for you to get started.  It includes 10 premium membership features and sets a price of $25/year. However, you are free to customize the rate and the features, unless you are on our new Apprentice plan.


The goal with all of these features is to make it much easier for you to generate revenue from your site. As always, if you have any questions, please visit us on our support site.


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