New Mobile Features Added

We just rolled out an update for all sites that beefs up our mobile interface.  The following new features were added:


1.  Search


Previously, you could only search for members.  Now, you can search just about everything- blogs posts, topics, clips, calendar events, chats, etc.  To search via the mobile intereface, click on the MENU icon and look for the Search section.


2.  Calendar


You can now view your site calendar, view calendar event details, and even add new calendar events via the mobile interface.


3.  Chat


Chat Events are now fully mobile!  You can view active, upcoming, and previous events and participate in live chat events right on your phone.  Note that performing moderation of chat events is not possible via the mobile interface, however.


4,  We now support voting on polls in the mobile interface.


There were some other minor bug fixes and improvements in the update, as well.


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