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We've rolled out a software update for today that focuses mainly on supporting a new "portfolios" configuration.  I'll have more info about that later, but since portfolios are only available as an add-on for Pro plans, let's focus on some of the other changes you'll notice in this update.


1.  New Modules Control Panel Section


Modules are main content features (like blog, forums, chat events, calendar, etc.).    Previously, you configured those on your Admin Control Panel Basic Settings page.  We've split it out onto its own control panel page now though:


Manage > Admin Control Panel > Modules > Configuration


It's now a little easier to understand the purpose of each module and rename it, if desired.


2.  New Blog Control Panel Section


We've added a new "Blog" control panel.


Manage > Admin Control Panel > Modules > Blog


Here you can manage all settings related to blogs, as well integrate a Twitter feed so any posts from that Twitter account are automatically included on your blog.  This feature used to be on a "Social Content" control panel page, which has now been dropped in favor of this approach.


One brand new feature here, however is support for displaying posts on your /blog page completely or as extracts only.  


Screen Shot 2012-09-04 at 1.04.53 PM



3. Member Signature Now Part of User Profile


By request, we have moved the member signature from being a member preference, which cannot be edited by admins, to instead be part of the profile, which can be edited by admins.


4.  Permission Editor Improved


When adding/removing permissions for a permission group, we display a list of all available permissions.  We've significantly enhanced that list and provided descriptions, where necessary, so it is easier to understand the permissions.


 Screen Shot 2012-09-04 at 1.03.23 PM


5. Audio File Upload Limit Increased


We've increased the file size limit for audio files to 100 MB, to match the limit in place for video files.


6. Lower Premium Membership Minimums


We lowered the minimum price points for annual and semi-annual premium membership payments.


There were numerous other bug fixes and small improvements.  And again, the bulk of this update focused on support for a new Portfolios option that we'll discuss in more detail soon.


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