Introducing Mobile

We just updated all sites with some new software improvements.  The biggest change in this update is the introduction of a new mobile interface.  


It is projected that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop usage by next year (2013).  Thus, it is becoming more critical for web sites to have a mobile-optimized version.


While sites looked and worked just fine before, the new mobile interface is elegant and simple, respecting the limited real estate of a phone. The mobile version also support some app-like features like "pull to refresh".  


When a user visits your site on their phones, they'll receive the mobile version by default, but they can toggle it off to use the "standard" site anytime, as well.


Here's a little tour we created so you can see how things look on phones:



A few notes:


1.  We've got just about every modules of "mobilized", with two major exceptions: the calendar and chat events.  We'll be getting to those in the next month or two.  If you access those areas on the phone, you'll still see the "standard" version.  


2.  Your themes will not apply.  We are using one generic theme at the moment, but we do hope to support your site theme at least to some extent in a future release.


3.  You cannot attach/upload files via the mobile interface.  Why not? Well, the most dominant phone platform, Apple's iOS does not support file attachments.  We may add support for this for other mobile platforms in the future.


We hope you enjoy the update!  

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