Hello, Forum Descriptions

We just rolled out another minor update to Hoop.la today.  Here's a summary of the changes:


1.  Support for forum descriptions


You can now add forum descriptions, which will display on your forum list page (the list of categories and forums on your site).  See example below.


Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 5.12.11 PM


2. We've updated our arrow icons, used on the forum lists, dialogs, and member lists. You can see the new arrows in the screenshot above as well.


3.  Theme editor improvement


We've consolidated some things in our theme editor.  Previously, we had two sections in the theme called "Offset Div #1" and "Offset Div #2".  However, the ideal design would have "Offset Div #2" simply use a slightly different background color than the one in "Offset Div #1".  Thus, we have combined these two theme sections into one called "Shaded Content Area".  That section simply has two background colors, with the second one designed to handle the old "Offset Div #2" areas.

This will be much easier to understand and will simplify your theme designs.


If you have a custom theme, you may just want to confirm that your old "offset divs" still look the way you want.


4. Numerous minor bug fixes.


We hope you enjoy the changes!


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