New Features - February 2012

We quietly added some new features to over the past week or so and some of these are fairly major.


1.  More Control Over Member Data


We added a new setting in the control panel that allows admins to determine whether to allow non members to access the member directory list.  You can find this new setting here: Manage > Admin Control Panel > Settings > Member Settings.  Look for this checkbox:


Allow Guests to View/Search the Member Directory

In addition, we added a new permission: View Member Profiles.  This allows admins to determine who can access complete member profiles.  This way, you can prevent guests from accessing your member profile data or perhaps limit access to specific permission groups.  

Either way, both the new setting and permission give admins a lot more control over member data.

2.  Support For Per Forum Ad Slots already supported ad slots in general.  Now, if you want to deliver different ads to specific forums, you can override the general ad slot with a distinct ad that will only be displayed on the pages for that particular forum. You can set this by editing the forum's settings in the control panel.


3. Export Member Data now fully supports exporting your member data anytime.  This can be very useful if you want to maintain a separate database of information, perhaps for cross-marketing purposes.  Just go to the Member Management section of your site's control panel and you'll see "Export Users As CSV" as a new option in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.


The nice thing about this is that you can filter your member list based on any of the supported search criteria.  Thus, if you just want to export members in a particular permission group, or members who joined after a certain date, you can do that too.


The export includes all user profile information, with the exception of member notes that have been applied.


4. Admins Can Now Change Member Email Addresses 


Admins can now change any member's account email address.  Just go to the user's profile page and click on the edit link.  When you click to edit the email address, you will have to confirm your own admin password before making the change.


5. Poll Vote Counts Can Be Suppressed


We added a new display option for polls.  With the new setting, admins can prevent the vote counts (but not the overall vote percentages) from being shown for everyone but non admins.  To set this, go to: Manage > Admin Control Panel < Settings > Display Options and check this box:


Suppress vote counts in polls for non admins. Only show percentages.

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