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Facebook Integration Change

Facebook has recently changed their OAuth authentication requirements by enabling “ Strict Mode ” for all consumers. What this means, is that if your community is using Facebook as a linked Social Network, then that integration with Facebook will no longer work until you have met their requirements. For all site owners who have not integrated Facebook as a Social Network for your members, please allow your eyes to haze over and move on with your day. Perhaps throw on some music and get a...

Preparing for the GDPR (EU Privacy Regulations)

As you may (or may not) be aware, the EU last year passed a strong set of guidelines aimed at protecting individual data privacy rights. Those guidelines are called “GDPR,” or General Data Protection Regulation, and they apply to any entity who collects or processes identifiable data from EU citizens (in short, almost everyone). There are a few primary principles: Users must be notified specifically whenever data is being collected from them. Users have the right to delete or export the data...

Q&A with Colin Armstrong, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Today I'm so happy to share a great Q&A session with Colin Armstrong, who spearheaded the recent launch of a Hoop.la community for Walgreens Boots Alliance. The new YourGoodSkin(TM) brand leverages an innovative approach, deeply involving thousands of women in the creation and development of the skin care line itself. How does online community figure into the YourGoodSkin brand story? The whole brand ethos of YourGoodSkin is that it has been, and will continue to be, co-created by women.

10 Concerts: How to Create a Community Trending Topic

On Facebook over the last couple of weeks, everyone has been sharing a list of "10 Concerts" they've attended. The idea is to include one red herring concert in the list and see if your friends can guess which is the fake one. It was an innocuous little game, very similar to other list-sharing games like "25 things you might not know about me," which made the rounds a few years ago. However this one seemed to strike a chord. Why do some conversation-starters take off like wildfire, while...

Best practices for an influencer community

An influencer community is an increasingly important component of the marketer's toolkit. It can help you leverage word of mouth, deepen your relationships with experts and fans, and give you a space to gather insights about your product or service. But you need to be sure that you're doing it the right way, so you don't end up in hot water with the FTC (and don't destroy consumer trust of your brand). The FTC's endorsement guidelines all come down to one simple thing: don't be a snake in...

How to make self disclosure easier for community members

In face-to-face networking situations, it's easy to get stuck with "that person" who won't stop oversharing about themselves. By the time you've grabbed two appetizers from the buffet, you're familiar with their entire medical history and the current political climate in their office. But in online networking situations, or online communities, it can be extremely difficult to elicit personal information from members. The community administrator or moderator team is (of course) interested in...